The files for the exercises in the book are available for download here. Additional files are also included for some lessons.

NEW: ActionScript 3 examples

Note: These files will not open in versions of Flash after CS3. They will work fine in Flash 8 and Flash MX 2004. They do not use ActionScript 3.0.

> Lesson 1: Drawing Tools

> Lesson 2: Simple Animation

> Lesson 3: Putting Flash Online

> Lesson 4: Buttons

> Lesson 5: Making Buttons Do Things

> Lesson 6: Movie Clips

> Lesson 7: Working with Photos

> Lesson 8: Working with Sound

> Lesson 9: Working with Text

> Lesson 10: Building Slideshows with Sound

Case Studies

> See all case studies


> Appendix A: Preloaders

> Appendix B: Loading SWFs into SWFs

> Appendix C: Video in Flash (No downloads)

Download all files for all chapters (requires Flash MX or later):
> Windows (.zip) 26 MB
> Mac (.sit) 26 MB