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Click SWF to play the example. Right-click (or Control-click/Mac) FLA to download the file and see the Timeline, etc.

> Case Study 1: A Draggable Floating Window

Click any of the three buttons in the SWF to open the window; the text and image shown in the window will change depending on which button you click.
Download or open :: SWF :: FLA :: External text file

Note: The text file is essential to both the SWF and the FLA. You will see an error message if you do not have it in the same folder.

> Case Study 2: Dynamic Borders, Text Fields

Original slideshow from Lesson 10 :: SWF :: FLA
With dynamic photo borders added :: SWF :: FLA
With dynamic text fields added :: SWF :: FLA
All the script from the case study example is on Frame 15.

Note: The Case Study 2 slideshow files all use the same seven JPGs and caption file. Those files can be viewed (and downloaded) individually here.

> Case Study 3: A Controller Bar

Animation inside a movie clip (everything in one file) :: SWF :: FLA

The next two files work together:
Load an external SWF into a movie clip and control it with the controller bar :: SWF :: FLA
External SWF containing animation (no controller bar; this is the one that's loaded) :: SWF :: FLA

> Case Study 4: Photos That Fill the Screen

The techniques used include JavaScript on two HTML pages. To see the script used, download the pages and View Source in your Web browser. To see how the whole package works, just click to open the first page :: index.htm
Right-click to download two HTML pages :: index.htm :: main.htm
Flash downloads that work with main.htm and one another:
Example 1 :: SWF :: FLA
Example 2 :: SWF :: FLA
Example 3 :: SWF :: FLA
Download all files for Case Study 4, including FLAs :: Win / Mac

Note: Each FLA is 2 MB because of the embedded BMP image! Note also that the SWFs open at actual size, which is 790 x 558, if you open them on their own. But they will resize to fit your screen if you open the HTML page.

> Case Study 5: Coming soon.

> Case Study 6: Refreshing Live Data

There are numerous files (both SWFs and text files) in this example, to simulate (in a simple way) the techniques described in the Tech Tip for this case study. While the real application uses text files that are generated by a database and "pushed" to multiple servers, these example text files are just stand-alone text files that you can change in any editor program.

Download only SWFs, text files, and instructions (PDF) :: Win / Mac
Download all files for Case Study 6, including FLAs :: Win / Mac
See a "non-live" version :: SWF

Bonus (Case Study 6) / setInterval demonstration :: SWF :: FLA

Download all files for all case studies (requires Flash MX or later) :
> Windows (.zip) 9 MB
> Mac (.sit) 9 MB