case studies

The book includes six detailed Case Studies. These are the sites examined in those Case Studies:

01 / Sniper Shootings (2002)

02 / Star Tribune, Minneapolis

  • To Be a Doctor (2004)
    This is the revised version with larger photos.
  • Witness (2004)
    This package is no longer available.

03 / March 11 Attacks ElPaí, Madrid (2004)

  • Numerous related infographics from El País are also discussed, in the context of the events surrounding the M11 bombs and the Spanish national elections of 2004.
  • Animaciones provides free access to recent animated online infographics from El País.

04 / CBC Radio 3

  • On March 4, 2005, CBC Radio 3 stopped publishing their weekly online magazine of arts and culture. The site's free archives are still available in full (105 issues).
  • The original CBC Radio 3 site has been replaced by a blog with podcasts. This is quite different from what CBC Radio 3 once was.
  • The 03.23 issue (March 4, 2005) is very different from most, as its content consists of heartfelt goodbyes from the staff.

05 / The Big Picture: Civil Rights Today (2004). No longer available.

  • Campaign Adviser (2004)
    This was the most interactive of the Big Picture packages. No longer available.
  • Olympics of Tomorrow (2004)
    No longer available.
  • Academy Awards (2004)
    No longer available.
  • 75th Oscars (2003)
    No longer available.
  • Conflict with Iraq (2003)
    No longer available.
  • Decision 2002 (U.S. Midterm Elections, 2002)
    No longer available.

06 / Tour de France Agence France-Presse (2004)

  • This site is an archived final version of the 2004 version of AFP's TDF package (the subject of Case Study 06).
  • It differs significantly from the 2005 package.

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