The book includes 10 Lessons, from beginning to work with the Flash drawing tools to creating a photo slideshow with sound. Each lesson is accompanied by various files (SWF and FLA), so the reader can see how things work. An assortment of those examples is provided here, as a preview for those who do not have the book.

NEW: ActionScript 3 examples

  • You can also visit the sites described in the Case Studies from the book.
  • If you're looking for other professional examples, I have links to a few selected sites.
  • If you're looking for the SWFs and FLAs from the exercises in the book, you'll find them in the Downloads section.

A Few Things You Can Learn from the Book

> Photo slideshow with externally loaded photos and text, no audio, with multiple viewing options (captions on or off): slideshow.swf (10 KB); opens a new browser window, not a pop-up

> Using buttons to control animation: airplane.swf (2 KB)

> Three sliding panels that overlap: super_panels.swf (13 KB)

> Zooming a photo: bigphoto_zoom.swf (323 KB)

> Moving text: cedarkey.swf (18 KB)

> Photos fade into each other: photofades2.swf (143 KB)

> Photo backgrounds: photo_background.swf (118 KB)

> Sound and slides with a mute button, external sound file: sound14.swf (9 KB)

> Dynamic text (a one-frame movie in which the text in the top half is written on-the-fly as you click a button): dynamictext.swf (12 KB)

> Input text allows the user to enter information, which you can capture: inputtext.swf (16 KB)

> Photo slideshow with externally loaded sound, photos and text: slideshow_sound.swf (2 KB; yes, the SWF is really only 2 KB!)