professional examples

This list was compiled to reflect a broad variety of Flash journalism projects. Occasionally I add a new example to the top of the list.

Views of professional Flash journalists are voiced in this September 2005 article: Flash Journalism: Professional Practice Today

A People Torn: Liberians in Minnesota (2007)
Star Tribune, Minneapolis
> Groundbreaking interface functionality
A large team created this package; see the site credits for details.

Folk Songs for the Five Points (2005)
From the Tenement Museum, New York
> Very original interface; innovative use of audio

Inside 9/11 (2005)
National Geographic / Neon Sky
> One of the best uses of video online I have seen
You need to go to the "Interview Archive," and don't worry, it's well worth the wait. Use the menu on the left to sort topics. Then, after you select a person, be sure to click the "See Also" tab -- brilliant.

New Orleans Flooding (2005)
One of the most informative animated infographics to date.
Graphic artist: Dan Swenson (see also menu/credits)

Drawings from the Killing Fields of Darfur (2006)
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Producer: Jano Gibson
Design: Nathanael Scott

Deeds of Discrimination (2006)
News & Record, Greensboro, N.C.
Producer: Jerry Wolford
Reported by Nate DeGraff

Minnesota Olympic Athlete Profiles (2006)
Star Tribune, Minneapolis
Producer: Regina McCombs
Designer: Dave Braunger
Team: J. Pinkley and Robyn Dochterman

Toxic Legacy (2005)
The Record, Bergen County, New Jersey
Producer: Yuri V. Demidov
Photos: Thomas E. Franklin
Maps and charts: Bob Rebach
Reported by Jan Barry, Mary Jo Layton, Alex Nussbaum, Tom Troncone, Lindy Washburn and Barbara Williams

Final Salute (2005)
> An instant classic; amazing storytelling
Rocky Mountain News, Denver
Producer: Forrest Stewart
Audio and video: Sonya Doctorian
Reported by Jim Sheeler and Todd Heisler

Eyes on the War (2004)
Phaedra Singelis, Brian Cordyack, Nelson Hsu
Winner, FlashForward 2005, Story category

Asia's Deadly Waves
New York Times (2004), team

From PBS's P.O.V. Interactive:

Stonehenge: Restoring a Sacred Landscape
Guardian Unlimited (2004), no credits given

Athens Olympic Games and El Mundo (en español), 2004
Gold Medals, 2005 Malofiej Infographics Competition

Marine Attractions: Below the Surface
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (2004), team

The Middle East: Making Space for Democracy (2004), team/video by Travis Fox

CLASSIC Loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia
(Click Shuttle Breakup; then click The Final Hour)
USA Today (2003), team

High Stakes Pipeline
Los Angeles Times (2003), Chris Strimbu

Speedway: Hearts & Thunder
What America Means to Me
The Herald-Sun, Durham, North Carolina (2002), Dave Cone

The Sonic Memorial Project (click Sonic Browser)
National Public Radio, USA (2002), Picture Projects team

CLASSIC Touching Hearts
The Herald-Sun, Durham, North Carolina (2000)
Joe Weiss

CLASSIC Vietnam: 25 Years After the War
The New York Times (2000)
John Caserta

CLASSIC Tobacco: New Times for the Old Belt
News & Record, Greensboro, North Carolina (1999)
Jayson Singe (latest work here)

For more examples, please see Andrew DeVigal's Interactive Narratives database of sites, and also the SNDies award winners (Society of News Design), with new winners announced each month.

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