downloads - appendix A

Click SWF to play the example. Right-click (or Control-click/Mac) FLA to download the file and see the Timeline, etc.

The appendix explains how to create a preloader in your Flash movie. The two files linked here contain an identical preloader; the difference is that one file contains nothing but the preloader, while the other also contains several photos so that you might be able to see the preloader in action (unless your Internet connection is very fast, in which case you will NOT see it).

> preloader with photo slideshow
SWF (244 KB) :: FLA (1.8 MB)

> preloader alone
SWF (5 KB) :: FLA (17 KB)

Download all FLA files for this appendix (requires Flash MX or later):
> Windows (.zip) 1.7 MB
> Mac (.sit) 1.7 MB