The book includes various tips, some of which are also provided here. These are very, very basic. The book is for Flash beginners, after all.

NEW: Free Flash Tutorials If you are looking for NEW STUFF -- for CS3 and CS4 and ActionScript 3.0 -- this is the page for you!

The stuff in my book will work up to and including Flash CS3 -- if you use ActionScript 2.0. But AS3 is completely different, and almost nothing in my book will work in AS3.

So if you are using an older version of Flash, you will be happy with the tips below.

> Tip 1: Open an HTML pop-up window from within Flash.

> Tip 2: Use a button in Flash to go to (link to) a new Web page.

> Tip 3: Change the colors of the ScrollBar component.

> Tip 4: Get the Flash MX ScrollBar component for Flash MX 2004.

> Tip 5: Put "curly quotes" into your Flash text.

> Tip 6: Make a toggle on/off button for audio.

> Tip 7: Use the Color Mixer to apply gradient fills to shapes.

> Tip 8: Use the MX 2004 Media Playback component to stream video.

> Tip 9: Make an empty movie clip to load external files.

> Tip 10: Make an invisible button.

> Tip 11: Dim a button and make it inactive.

> Tip 12: Fix a NaN error or other errors in ActionScript (1.0 vs. 2.0).

> Tip 13: Create an infinite scrolling background.

> Tip 14: Do you need to care about ActionScript 2.0 (or 3.0)?

> Tip 15: Get a look at some pixel fonts.