tip: quotation marks

Flash does not make it easy to get typographical quotation marks ("curly quotes") and apostrophes into text. If you're using the Static text type, you can get them from the Character Map in Windows or from Key Caps in the Mac OS.

Or pop open this SWF and copy and paste them from it.

On the Mac OS, you can type these characters from the keyboard:

  • Double quotes: Option-[ (left); Shift-Option-[ (right)
  • Single quotes: Option-] (left); Shift-Option-] (right)
  • En dash: Option-hyphen
  • Em dash: Shift-Option-hyphen

On a Windows system, make sure Num Lock is on, and use the numeric keypad to type these combinations:

  • Double quotes: Alt-0147 (left); Alt-0148 (right)
  • Single quotes: Alt-0145 (left); Alt-0146 (right)
  • En dash: Alt-0150
  • Em dash: Alt-0151

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