Depending on the course you are teaching, your students may not have time to work through all 10 Lessons in the book. They can still build a well-functioning photo slideshow with sound, if they have the foundation provided in Lessons 1 through 6 (two to three weeks).

Here you can see a working version (170 KB) of the slideshow (no audio). The photos are inside the SWF.

Your students can download and modify the FLA file (2.4 MB). They can easily change the layout, colors, fonts, etc. -- and add their own photos and text, of course!

You can download and distribute the instructions (PDF, 81 KB) as a handout in your class. Please do not modify the instruction handout.

Adding Sound

Students can easily use the instructions in Lesson 8, Exercise 8.2, with their completed slideshow to add a narration or other audio to the slideshow, using an external MP3 file. This is explained in the instruction handout.

Loading External JPGs

This slideshow does not load external JPG files. The instructions for doing that are in Lesson 10 in the book. That Lesson also explains how to load captions and credit information from an external plain text file.


Students are not required to include any acknowledgment of the book or the author when they publish their slideshow file on the Web. However, if you use this slideshow FLA in a professional workshop or any other context outside a traditional degree-granting institution, please give proper credit to the creator of this intellectual property!

Instructor's Manual

To get a copy of the Instructor's Manual for this book, please contact the publisher, Focal Press. The Instructor's Manual explains more about using this lesson in a journalism course. It also includes three sample syllabi.

More Examples

To download the examples for the exercises in the book, go to the regular book downloads page.

Send Your Feedback

If you have suggestions for future editions of Flash Journalism: How to Create Multimedia News Packages, please use the contact form to send them to the author.

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