Flash Basics: Animation 101 in CS4 (Part 5)

You need to upgrade your Flash player (v.9 or later) to view this tutorial.

Topics covered: How to add a stop(); action (ActionScript 3.0) to make the animation stop in the final frame. Without this, the animation will loop forever when embedded in a Web page. Adding a new layer and naming it. Adding a new keyframe.

Basic Animation Tutorials for Flash CS4

  1. Starting from scratch: Create a simple animation, with one symbol.
  2. Editing the motion path: After you have made an animation, you can adjust it quite easily.
  3. Animating two objects: Make two symbols move simultaneously and independently; fix common errors.
  4. Editing CS4 motion tweens: Extend, shorten, move keyframes, add new directions to the animation.
  5. THIS TUTORIAL > Stopping the animation: Add ActionScript so that the movie does not repeat endlessly.

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