Flash Basics: Animation 101 in CS4 (Part 1)

You need to upgrade your Flash player (v.9 or later) to view this tutorial.

Topics covered: How to create a symbol and animate it (using the new motion tween) in Flash CS4.

This tutorial does not explain how to use the drawing tools in Flash.

Basic Animation Tutorials for Flash CS4

  1. THIS TUTORIAL > Starting from scratch: Create a simple animation, with one symbol.
  2. Editing the motion path: After you have made an animation, you can adjust it quite easily.
  3. Animating two objects: Make two symbols move simultaneously and independently; fix common errors.
  4. Editing CS4 motion tweens: Extend, shorten, move keyframes, add new directions to the animation.
  5. Stopping the animation: Add ActionScript so that the movie does not repeat endlessly.

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