Loading Soundslides into a Package - Flash CS4 (AS3)

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Flash makes it easy to load and unload other Flash movies (SWF files). A slide show made with Soundslides is based on a SWF. Thus you can load these slide shows into a container package that provides navigation, text, etc., in addition to the slide shows.

In the example above, three separate slide shows are loaded, depending which button you click. You do not need to "unload," but the button is there to show that you can do it.

In ActionScript 3.0, this is accomplished via the Loader object. The package you see above is basically the same as one that loads individual photos and animations; see an example (opens in a new window).

To view the ActionScript that makes it all possible, download the FLA for the movie above.

More information about the Loader object is available here: Using the Loader Class in AS3

DOWNLOAD You'll find the FLA and the three loaded Soundslides in this folder.

Education use: This package was created as an example for my journalism students. It is not intended to be used commercially.

Use and re-use: Loading Soundslides into a Package - Flash CS4 (AS3) by Mindy McAdams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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Updated 15 April 2010